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Owners of modern devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets can all agree on one thing: battery life is extremely important. These devices use the latest lithium-ion batteries that are much smarter and safer compared to older nickel-based ones, but charging them the wrong way can still negatively affect their lifespan. While most modern batteries should last a couple of years, incorrect use can result in the battery being unable to hold a charge as it should. Here are three quick tips you can follow to extend the lifespan of your laptop battery.


Avoid letting your laptop fully discharge or letting the battery reach 0%. Modern laptop batteries perform best when you both charge and discharge them a little bit at a time. Studies have shown that discharging to half of your battery’s capacity is better in the long term compared to minor discharges to 90% or full discharges. This is because the half discharge results in the optimal ratio of cycles-to-usage.


Lithium-ion batteries don’t need to be fully charged -- keeping it at 40 to 80% is a good range to aim for in order to prolong battery health. If you do decide to fully charge it, remember to unplug it as soon as possible. Leaving your laptop plugged in will decrease your battery health!


Overheating batteries are bad for both you and your laptop processor. Hot batteries degrade much quicker than those at a regular temperature. Consider using a laptop stand to keep the temperature down.

When you keep these guidelines in mind, your battery will definitely last longer. However, remember that all batteries eventually degrade over time and repeated use. Having trusted professionals diagnose and recommend either a replacement battery or laptop can be invaluable.

There may be other underlying reasons why your laptop is unable to hold as big of a charge as it should. To ensure that your laptop is running smoothly, connect with LaptopEMT and our expert technicians will happily provide a quick and honest laptop battery diagnosis.

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