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Founded in 2009, LaptopEMT began as a nationwide computer repair company that worked on and shipped repair units from all over the country. Our retail store opened in 2011, and we continue to be the number one choice for laptop repair and more within Santa Clarita, CA and surrounding areas.
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When it comes to computer repairs and other tech services, you deserve the best.

Experience expert in-house service and a 90-day repair guarantee.

Meet The LaptopEMT Team

Get to know our superstar team of technicians and repair experts!

Robert Morgan

Founder & CEO
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Taylor White

VP Sales & Marketing
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Michelle Carter

Service Manager
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David Hanson

Technical Head
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  •   Michael from Laptop EMT is fantastic. My iMac hard drive had died and he was very up front about how the retrieval  process worked. Luckily he was able to save our info but offered and explained multiple ways to protect our Mac from being in the situation of losing a hard drive. Michael will be the guy I take any of my computers in the future. I highly recommend him for his skills and help. Thank you Michael.

    thumb Philip G.
  •   My husband Dain, went to Michael. Michael was extremely helpful, knowledgable, timely, and good natured. If I have another problem I will definitely go back.

    thumb Susan G.
  •   It is so nice to find a place that offers honest and expert assistance when  your computer goes haywire.......Michael is a genius!

    thumb Pamm S.
  •   Extremely knowledgeable and honest 10/10 would recommend. Goes above and beyond to get my laptop fixed will be coming back

    thumb Alan O.
  •   Ive been able to bug Michael several times over the past year with my old and raggedy MACbooks.  He's so doggon nice!  Nice and knowledgeable AND he's not trying to rip you off!  Ive spent more time in his store than money to be honest. THAT'S how HONEST he is.  And I appreciate him for it.  He always tells me exactly what it is.  Period.  He cuts out wasting time.. Although he leaves you the options of what to do. Every issue I've had and tried to do a workaround for, he was right about! LOL. So I learned early just to listen to him to save myself time and money!

    thumb Omena A.
  •   Talk about a life saver. Michael helped us figure out what was wrong with my laptop and offered several options to repair it. He was thorough, honest, and gave us great advice on how to avoid seeing this kind of thing in the future. Highly recommend him and his services to anyone in need of computer repair. Thanks Michael!!!

    thumb Jessica S.
  •   I use excel everyday so my bottom laptop key fell off. For months, I couldn't use my down arrow button so I called Michael and he was so informative in telling me where I can buy a new laptop key, how long it would take to install, and how long it would take to get me. Michael was kind, honest, he even kept his shop open to wait for me after hours. I would recommend him to anyone who has tech issues as he will do what is best and affordable for the customer.

    thumb Karla P.
  •   Michael is very knowledgeable and does great work.  In all my experiences with him, he's helped solve the issues that needed to be fixed.

    Because of his expertise, he is in high demand and has many repairs to juggle.  

    You may have to wait longer than expected, but it's always worth the wait.

    thumb Derrik H.
  •   Great service - reasonable prices!!!  I needed to open a video file sent to me on a shared drive but my computer did not have the program to view the video content. Michael was great! He downloaded the program I needed to view the file and charged very little to do so.

    thumb Jenee C.
  •   Michael is so knowledgeable about MAC Computers and was able to fix my daughters computer in no time
    I highly recommend LaptopEMT to anyone in Santa Clarita
    Best place eve

    thumb Stacey L.