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LaptopEMT is the number one choice in Santa Clarita for in-house computer repair, expert advice, and excellent service guaranteed. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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Our support doesn’t stop the moment you leave the shop. You’re protected with a 90-day guarantee for all repairs.


We’ll let you know if a device is not worth the cost of repair. Honesty, expertise and customer service matters.


Get price quotes and repair diagnoses in-person and in real-time. Expect 2-day turnarounds for most services!


All repairs and services are done in-house, with no outsourcing needed. Our trusted experts get the job done.

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Built on expertise and customer service, LaptopEMT prides ourselves on providing fast, high-quality and reliable computer repair within the Santa Clarita area and beyond. Experience the LaptopEMT difference!
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Client Testimonials & Reviews

We think it’s better if we let our clients do the talking.
Read real reviews from some of our customers below:
  •   I managed to pour an entire vanilla latte all over my keyboard and my MacBook Air completely died.  I immediately went to the Apple Store and they told me they could "fix" it for $900.  I would have to pay another $200-$300 dollars to retrieve the files. I called Laptop CMT and then took it to CJ who managed to get it back up and running in 24 hours.  Amazing!! All my files were just fine! ...and the cost was $250 total!

    thumb Christine H.
  •   We came in with a supposedly 'unbreakable phone' with a cracked screen. Because this was rare...they were not able to fix for us, but they were so nice to help us take off the back and SIM card out so we can send back to manufacture and they did this at no charge!! I am definitely bringing my business back to this company. You do not often come across a company that is willing to help and be soooooo nice!! Thank you again for your help!!
    Nice to support small business!!

    thumb Rose W.
  •   This place is great. I took my surface 3 to Best Buy to have them look at it first. They said they couldn't work on it but the battery probably needs to be replaced. I took it to laptop emt and he told me it probably the charging cord. He looked at the charging port to make sure it was in good shape and sent me on my way. When I got home I tried another cord and it worked greats . Laptop emt saved me a couple hundred bucks. Thank you for being so helpful and honest.
    Highly recommend them.

    thumb Nap T.
  •   My Alienware laptop had basically become inoperable, yet I hesitated to take it in anywhere for fear that the cost to fix it would be outrageous.  In no time at all CJ was able to diagnose that the hard drive had crashed and for a fair price put in a new one.

    thumb Roberta W.
  •   I cannot say enough about the service and technical ability of LaptopEMT!  My first experience was to transfer old files, etc. from an old computer to a new laptop.  This time it was to restart my locked laptop due to an software driver update, after Dell and my PC support service bought with the computer could not help me!  Do not hesitate to go here for help!

    thumb Cyndi R.
  •   Took in two iPhones for a scene replacement based on a recommendation. Both repairs were buggy and had to be replaced again. They tried three times to no avail blaming the screens and said they'd call me when a new shipment came in. Despite two drop-in reminders from me in store, they never called me back. Finally they promised a refund if I had the repair done at Apple if they'd return the screen, which of course Apple said they couldn't do with charging me more. So I am out the cost of two screen replacements and a lot of time. Save your money and go to Apple.

    thumb Allen B.
  •   Another business that will waste your time.i took my laptop there to get the screen replaced, he told me 2-3 days. I called after 3 days and he told me the screen would be there in another 4 days, that it was a special screen. I waited the 4 days and went in to pick it up, then he told me the new screen came cracked and he needed to order another one. He said he would contact the place he bought the screen and put a "rush" on it and he would call me the same day to let me know when it was coming. He never called. I showed up the next day and he said he hadn't checked his email for a response, so I just took the laptop back, still broken. It's amazing to me that a business with such terrible customer service could still be open. If you have unlimited time to get your repair done than this is the place to go. If you need it done in a timely manner I would go somewhere else.

    thumb Leo R.