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LaptopEMT is the number one choice in Santa Clarita for in-house computer repair, expert advice, and excellent service guaranteed. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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Our support doesn’t stop the moment you leave the shop. You’re protected with a 90-day guarantee for all repairs.


We’ll let you know if a device is not worth the cost of repair. Honesty, expertise and customer service matters.


Get price quotes and repair diagnoses in-person and in real-time. Expect 2-day turnarounds for most services!


All repairs and services are done in-house, with no outsourcing needed. Our trusted experts get the job done.

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Built on expertise and customer service, LaptopEMT prides ourselves on providing fast, high-quality and reliable computer repair within the Santa Clarita area and beyond. Experience the LaptopEMT difference!
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Client Testimonials & Reviews

We think it’s better if we let our clients do the talking.
Read real reviews from some of our customers below:
  •   These guys are great! Laptop EMT always has what I need and they can usually fix it right there on the spot. Competitive prices and fast, friendly and high quality service.

    thumb Greg R.
  •   Always great, personable service! We've been bringing our laptops here for a couple years now. They've solved all our problems, answered questions via phone, offer less expensive options, and always charge such fair prices.  Love this place!

    thumb Lynette J.
  •   This place is great. I took my surface 3 to Best Buy to have them look at it first. They said they couldn't work on it but the battery probably needs to be replaced. I took it to laptop emt and he told me it probably the charging cord. He looked at the charging port to make sure it was in good shape and sent me on my way. When I got home I tried another cord and it worked greats . Laptop emt saved me a couple hundred bucks. Thank you for being so helpful and honest.
    Highly recommend them.

    thumb Nap T.
  •   LaptopEMT was awesome!  They found the simple fix for my older MacBook Pro.  Thankfully, I did not need to experience their full-service capabilities, but when I need computer service, I'm coming here.

    thumb Jeff S.
  •   Extremely knowledgeable. The best bargain for great computer solutions. The repairs to my laptop, including recovery of data from a damaged hard drive, was done in a timely manner.

    thumb Bill Y.
  •   Never have I ever reviewed on Yelp whether for a compliment or a complaint.  But this story warrants the time and effort to recognize great service.
    But first, how and why it all started.   I had a serious blunder at the Apple Store.  I bought a new computer from Apple mid December..  Since the migration of data from the old computer to the new computer was free thru Apple, I thought I should let them do the migration as there was no charge and they likely know more than I do so lets not screw things up by me doing the migration.
    I was soooo wrong.  The techs at Apple managed to lose all my data on my old computer.  Both the new and old computer looked the same.  No documents, no photos as far back as 2008 (we are talking 15k photos).  Excel bookkeeping for 2017 (self-employed) - gone!  I was in complete disbelief.  I took in both computers and had a very long session with the store manager and one of their 'go to' techs.  Neither one had any clue what possibly could have happened and could not recover any data.  Additionally, I had a time machine back up that they could not successfully open.  I was sent home with instructions to try and migrate all my info from my time machine to my new computer.
    I called Laptop EMT and dumped my issue on Michael.  He immediately said, "I know exactly what they did.  They migrated the wrong way.  They migrated from the new computer to the old'.  Since the new computer had nothing on it, after the migration, the old computer now also showed nothing on it.  
    It has been 6 weeks since I purchased my new computer.  Laptop EMT was successful in recovering all my lost data.  It was not an overnight success.  Unforeseen issues kept cropping up.  It was a multi-step and multi-day process, but the end result was a successful recovery and migration to the new computer.  
    Additionally, I want you to know that this guy is honest.  He will sell you a part or a repair if he thinks it can be done, but will tell you if he thinks it is not worth fixing.  I had a graphics card that was on its way out on my old computer.  Apple was going to charge me $500.00 to replace the graphics card.  Laptop EMT told me he would charge $300.00 for the same service.  BUT, he did not recommend fixing the problem on an older computer.  There was no guarantee.  He easily could have sold me the part, fixed the computer for an unknown amount of time.  But instead, he was honest.  He made no money on that recommendation.
    We are very fortunate to have an honest and knowledgeable computer tech in the area.  I highly recommend you seek out Laptop EMT for your computer/cell phone needs.  Whether it's a simple new screen protector on your phone to some really complicated  issues with your computer hardware,  Check this place out first and don't bother with the Apple Store.
    I have an entirely new opinion of the Apple retail store, They are nice people, they definitely know more than I do, but when the s**t hits the fan and your computer issues get messy and complicated, the retail level techs at Apple really are just not that tech savvy after all.

    thumb Janet B.
  •   I highly recommend Laptop EMT. We have been here several times and have always been very pleased. They are very fair in their charges. Sometimes the charge is $0. Who does this? Laptop EMT and always with a kindness and a smile. I will never go anywhere else 5stars for sure

    thumb Beth K.